Family Mediation can be highly successful in helping separating couples resolve disputes about money, property and the well-being of children without going to court.

Working alongside the Family Law system, Mediation is designed to bring two parties together to make their own decisions about their future, which can then be turned into a legally-binding agreement.

Mediators are trained to make sure discussions are calm, balanced and constructive and to guide clients through a range of options. Even the most challenging disagreements can be resolved in 3-5 sessions of mediation.

In my practice, I offer a professional and compassionate environment where both parties can talk freely and confidentially to settle their differences. In my experience, Mediation can help in even the most bitter disputes and enable families to find a new equilibrium for the future.

It is now widely accepted that when couples reach a successful outcome in mediation, the long-term emotional health and happiness of their children is notably better than when their parents fight out their issues in court.

Furthermore, divorce and separation are not the only family matters that can be resolved by mediation and I am happy to work with parents, grandparents and siblings to find a solution to a wide range of conflicts and disagreements.

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