I am committed to offering value for money. Costs are made clear at the outset and clients are asked to pay as they go, either by bank transfer in advance or to bring cash or cheque to the session. I do not request an upfront payment on account and will not present you with a large unexpected bill at the end. I am happy to discuss individual circumstances based on your ability to pay.


  • 30′ phone consultation to assess suitability for mediation – free of charge
  • Mediation session – £120 per hour for each person (i.e. £180 per person for 90’ session)
  • Drafting a Memorandum of Understanding – £200 per person, up to a total of 4 hours work. Thereafter charged on a pro rata basis at £120 per hour per person.
  • Letters, emails or telephone calls will be charged on a pro rata basis at £120 per hour.

Mediation is proven to be a significantly cheaper alternative to the court process. For example, four sessions of mediation would cost under £1,000 per person, while court costs could easily run to £5-10,000 per person.

Depending on your income, your Mediation costs may be covered by Legal Aid.  I do not offer this but I am able to assess your eligibility and refer you to a practice with a Legal Aid franchise.